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Traditional Litigation

In the traditional litigation model of family law, typically each party hires an attorney who advocates for that party’s position. Negotiation occurs, generally through the attorneys, and most cases do end with an agreement. However, if the parties are unable to resolve their differences and reach an agreement, they may turn to a judge to make the final decision after a court proceeding, or hearing, in which the parties’ attorneys present evidence and make argument to the judge.

Parties may experience the following advantages to the traditional litigation model:
  • An attorney’s advice and counsel as to what is a reasonable position within the Wisconsin statutes and case law
  • Assistance in advocating for what they want in the action
  • An ability to get a resolution of the issues through the court system, if they cannot reach an agreement
Parties may also experience the following disadvantages in the traditional litigation model:
  • A loss of control over the negotiations, including the tone of the negotiations
  • A loss of privacy about their lives and personal finances
  • Frustration at the fact that a stranger (a judge) is making decisions about their lives which will affect them and their families for years
  • Anger and bitterness toward each other, especially if they go through a court hearing to get resolution of the issues
  • Astronomical attorney fees and costs

Karen Julian has practiced family law for 33 years, during which she has handled many cases in the traditional litigation model. However, she believes that clients are better served if they are able to resolve their issues without resorting to the court system.